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Multnomah Falls Hike

Multnomah Falls consist of three separate drops, the main falls, upper falls and lower falls. Totaling at 635 ft., its Oregon’s most fascinating and well known drop.

According to world waterfall base, it’s the 154th largest waterfall in the United States and 581st in the world. The falls are just wonderful during the colder seasons when there is some snow and rainfall.

The paved way that leads to the top of the falls is almost always crowded with people, so if you want to visit the top while in a relatively peaceful state, its best to aim for early hours before 10 a.m.

Walking along the road, you can experience the waterfall from multiple viewpoints.

Multnomah-Wahkeena Loop Hike

Considering there are 8 waterfalls you can see during your trip to this area, it’s a hike you must visit if you are a fan of cascades and waterfalls. There are 2 known trailheads for hiking this area.

The first sights you experience on this hike are the wooden bridge over whakleena creek and some marvelous stonework. You will also find a rock bridge at the base of the wahkeena falls and amazing rock walls further down the hike.

There are multiple gorgeous sights on this hike such as the Whkeena canyon, Fairy falls and Wahkeena spring. When you get hungry, you can dine in the Multnomah Falls Lodge.

Cougar Rock via Elevator Shaft Hike

This hike is a combination of multiple trail types. The main attraction is the elevator shaft also called the “fire escape”. The first impressions would say that the Georges trail limits what you could see of the elevator shaft, however, once you climb your way through the bushes and poison oak tree, you will be presented with another scree slope twice the height of the first one.

The elevator shaft consists of many tiny switchbacks. The local climbers say there are more than a hundred of them. It would be a good practice to resist the urge to go straight uphill, as the hiking through these small switchbacks is the only maintenance they will get.

Larch Mountain Hike

This is definitely to one of the most challenging hike you can take on in the Oregon area. It will make you give everything you got in order to get to the top. But once you do, you will be rewarded with one of the most beautiful sights a hiker can see. The trail was constructed by the founding members of the Oregon Trails Club in 1915. The trail offers many sights such as: Dutchman Falls, Weisendanger falls (in honor of Albert weisendanger) and Ecola Falls.

From the very tip, you can enjoy the view of the Columbia River, the Silver Star Mountain, Brikenfield Mountain, Table Mountain and the snowy peaks of Mount Adams and Mount Rainer behind them.

This is a great video that provides fantastic aerial shots that you would not be able to see by just hiking. It showcases multiple waterfalls and gives you a perspective of just how big the waterfalls are. This video shows just a small portion of what the Multnomah Falls have to offer. There are so many beautiful sights that one video can’t cover them all, you will have to visit the falls yourself.